The third stage of life of SCIAMACHY 2&8 Breadboard model

The SCIAMACHY Breadboard Model on its way from Delft to the National Space Museum (private photo)

Hundreds of people who entered my office for the first time over the past 10 to 12 years, wondered what the big black and red 1 by 1 m massive looking “engine block” was, protected under a Plexiglas cover. Proudly I explained them it was an important heritage of my former life in space industries”. It was the Breadboard model of the Optical Bench of the SCIAMACHY instrument, a highly advanced atmospheric sensor that had flown on ENVISAT and that was developed by a joint team of space industries and institutes from the Netherlands in the nineties. I had been a leading member in that team.

Last Friday February 5th I donated the full-scale authentic model to the National Space Museum in Lelystad, the Netherlands.

Read the full story in a post on my new personal website

Mid summer 2020 I will retire from my job as Director of Education at Delft University of Technology. I will proceed as a parttime freelance Young Active Pensioner (Flemish people abbreviate it as “Jagger”).

Please read my future plans and future blogs at Since TU Delft will probably remove my blogposts within a year after my retirement, I have transferred them to my personal website, and will publish new posts on my new website from now on. I hope to meet you there.

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